We run a typical local transportation company, that specialized mainly in scrap metal transport. We use three types of trailers for that purpose – dry van, gondola and roll-off. Currently we have opened a recruitment process for truck drivers.

About your job

Drivers working with roll-offs use only this type of trailer. However, the rest of drivers alternate between dry vans and gondolas, depending on the business needs on any given day.

All trucks receive regular service and repair. On Sundays, an additional, independent mechanic carries out an inspection of each truck and trailer, while the on-site truck repair shop immediately fixes defects.

Currently we have 12 Volvo Day Cab trucks with 10-speed transmission. Work is available year-round and paid on a per hour basis.

We don’t put pressure on our drivers when it comes to driving speed because their safety comes first to us. Our company has a great FMCSA record and wants to keep it that way.

Regular working hours are huge advantage of this job. You start at 5:00 AM and finish at 5:00 PM, which is particularly important for drivers with families.

You work from Monday to Friday and on every other Saturdays as well. On Saturdays, work lasts 6 hours approximately.


If you want to become our driver, you have to meet following requirements:
– at least 2 years of CDL driving experience
– safe driving record
– ability to pass DOT pre- employment drug screening and meet DOT medical requirements
– fluent English
– preferably living within 40 minutes from our base

We would like to invite all interested drivers to apply. On our part, we promise that we will make every effort to meet expectations of appropriate candidates.

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