About Our Cargo Transportation Services Welcome to Transera Logistic

We have a long history of helping countless customers with their business operations through reliable, efficient, and cost-effective land shipping. Our trucking fleet is capable of handling any size load for packing, storage, and delivery directly to your customers.

With our up to date GPS systems, you are able to track your cargo delivery, giving you control with just one call or click. That allows you to be fully prepared for your delivery’s arrival and have a seamless transition for your operations.

We offer services that include full truckloads, less than a truckload, and even expedited shipping with next day or overnight shipping. Our fleet is new and is fully equipped with heating and cooling systems as required, so your shipment gets there in the same condition as when it left the warehouse.

For your business shipping needs, you’ve come to the right place. Trust us to handle your critical shipping and watch your business succeed.


Key Aspects That Make Us the Right Choice

Regularly Serviced Vehicles
We carry a new fleet of trucks and we take great care of all of them with regular maintenance services. This allows us to continue providing a full complement of trucks that are ready for a load to meet your needs at any given time.
Incredible Quality Service
Our team of logistics specialist is here to help in any way possible with an understanding how our services can influence the excellence of carrying your business. That’s why we are dedicated to providing the highest quality service with every cargo load.
Pricing You can Appreciate
It doesn’t have to be costly to receive quality transportation services for your business. With that in mind, our services are affordably priced to stay within your operational budget so you can build upon your success.
Large Selection of Equipment
We have a large number of trucks in our fleet in various sizes and with different technologies to handle any kind of cargo. That makes us versatile so you can rely on us to provide the right equipment for any given load.

Go with Green APU and be More Efficient Welcome to Transera Logistic

Because each of our trucks is equipped with a Green Auxiliary Power Unit (APU), we are able to operate more efficiently, saving time, money, and providing the proper ride for any cargo.

Our Green APU technology is versatile as it functions as the hub of each truck’s systems to provide a long list of benefits including battery maintenance, cab comfort, and temperature control. The system is perfect for getting through difficult weather conditions so your cargo will always arrive on time.